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Luma offers all its customers the ability to buy spare or replacement keys provided you have the necessary information. This service requires 3 pieces of information to successfully proceed: Identifying your key type, Identifying the lock model, and finally the individual key number. Please follow our step-by-step instructions and place the information in the table below.

1) Key copy: identify the type of key:


2) Identify your lock reference:

In case you cannot remember the name of the Luma product you purchased, please search for it in our online catalogue:

The color may not match that of the product on the current catalogue or may have changed its name, etc.. Please specify the color or any other difference.

For more information, contact

3) "Provide us with your individual key code". This key code may be stamped on a metal plate attached to the key ring of the originally supplied keys, or stamped directly on the original keys supplied with your lock (without this code replacement keys cannot be purchased)

FAQ Luma key copies

Delivery Terms:

You will receive your key copies at your home in 15 days.

Where is the key code?

The key code is engraved in a metalic plate that is delivered together with the original 2 keys of the lock.  In certain tubular keys, the code is engraved in the key.

I don’t have the key code, what can I do?

Place the order indicating in the gap where you have to write Key Code: "Original key sent to Luma".
Complete the order and send the original key with a copy of the order, or the order number noted on a sheet, to identify it. 
Sending address:

Att. Commercial Department

Please send the key by a safe courier, we cannot be responsible for losses or damages of the delivery.
Once the original key is received we will start the copy process. The delivery time will be 15 days from the receipt of the key.
We will send you back your original key, the requested copies and the key code.